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Why Travel with a Licensed Tour Company In Eastern Turkey

Choosing A Reputable Company and Guide Can Save You from Preventable Headaches

When traveling overseas, you should consider looking into their customs, social norms, and especially their laws and rules. The tourism industry is no different.

Turkey holds very high standards in the tourism industry. Turkish tour guides must hold valid and up-to-date credentials and licensing. Failure to comply results in fines and unofficial tours abruptly ending.

It would be horrible to plan and save for a vacation for months only to get stranded in a city you do not know with all the accommodations suddenly canceled. Those caught touring without the proper credentials could receive fines as little as 3,000 TL to as much as 9,000 TL and a ban on tourism activities for as long as 3 months.

It happens.

In the photo, the officials in the navy and yellow vests stopped our tour guide to check his papers. Over and over at museums, historical sites, and tourist locations, officials check the papers of guides and agencies.

We've got you covered.

We run stringent and thorough checks on our guides. We ensure that their credentials and licenses follow all the recent guidelines and laws and stay up-to-date to give you a peace of mind while traveling.



Silkroad Moments Tourism possesses the TURSAB credentials, the legal agency which all tourism companies must be a member in order to legally run tours. Do not travel with a tourism company in Turkey that cannot prove they are a member of TURSAB.

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