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Limestone Stairs up to Old City Mardin

mardin city


Old City Mardin
Limestone Mansions
Archeological Museum
Caravan Saray
Kasimiye Madrassah
Ulu Mosque


mardin City Tour

See the City of Mardin

In Mardin, spend the day exploring the streets of the old limestone city (no cars allowed!) and see mansions, stone houses, and museums. Every turn in this maze-like town brings a new sight to see or a shop to visit. Walk the courtyard of the 15th Century Kasimiye Madrassa with your guide and hear about the intriguing story behind its fountain before heading back to your hotel for some well-earned rest!

This tour is an easy add-on to any vacation in Turkey! We will pick you up from your hotel - no worries, no stress, and all-inclusive with a knowledgeable guide that speaks your language. Don't visit the area without experiencing the local sights and sounds of historic Mardin.

Mardin Map

Tour Information

Inclusions: Entrance Fees, Meals, Transfers,

English Speaking Tour Guide

Fitness Level: All
Prices From: $81
Tour Length: 1 Day
Start Location: Mardin, Turkey
End Location: Mardin, Turkey

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"I felt it would be a much richer experience going with someone who knows the area and its history. English is not widely spoken and my Turkish is extremely limited, so having a guide who could navigate both languages made for easier travel.

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from $81

Private & Customizable

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