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Bazaar In Gaziantep City, Turkey | SilkRoad Moments

gaziantep city


Old City Center
Gaziantep Castle
Kitchen Museum
Turkish Bath/Hamam Museum
Antep Baklava Shop
Zeugma Museum
Museum of Archeology


gaziantep City Tour

See the City of Gaziantep

Explore the old city center of Gaziantep with your guide, soaking in the sights and history of this fascinating city. Visit the castle and nearby cultural museums. Your guide will help you find the best places for shopping in the covered bazaar before lunch. Save some room for a treat, because next, you will sample the famous Antep Baklava (Antep in Turkish means Pistachio!). After lunch, visit the stunning mosaic museum which houses a priceless collection of 2nd-century mosaics from the now sunken city of Zeugma and the Gaziantep Museum of Archeology. ​Try the delicious spicy (your guide will help you find the best fit for your taste) cuisine of Southeast Turkey for dinner before heading back to your hotel. 

This tour is an easy add-on to any vacation in Turkey! We will pick you up from your hotel - no worries, no stress, and all-inclusive with a knowledgeable guide that speaks your language. Don't visit the area without experiencing the local sights and sounds of historic Gaziantep.

Gaziantep Map

Tour Information

Inclusions: Entrance Fees, Meals, Transfers,

English Speaking Tour Guide

Fitness Level: All
Prices From: $93
Tour Length: 1 Day
Start Location: Gaziantep, Turkey
End Location: Gaziantep, Turkey

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"This company is the best! I had the best time on my trip. I was able to tour Kemaliye and Erzurum and they were both some of the most beautiful places I've ever seen, but by far the people were the best part of the trip.

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from $93

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