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Pontic Mountains

twelve day black sea


Arrival in Tokat


Tokat Castle

Ballica Cave


King Tombs

Yesilirmak River

Historic Mansions


Bandirma Ferry

Ataturk Museum


Yason Church

Cable Car

Ulugol Nature Park


Giresun Island

Kuzulan Waterfall

Giresun Museum


Sumela Monastery

Long Lake Nature Park


Trabzon Hagia Sophia Church

Trabzon City Center


Cultural Tour

Zil Castle

Palovit Waterfall

Kackar Mountain National Park


Tea Fields



Savsat Lake

Karagol National Park

Hell's Creek Canyon

Georgian Valley Churches and Monasteries


Airport transfer

black sea tour

Turkey's Black Sea Coast has something to offer every type of traveler. From beautiful beaches to secluded mountain cabins, historical monasteries, churches, and mosques to busy modern city centers, this area of Turkey is a favorite of all who visit. Cut tea leaves and pick some hazelnuts among the vast farms and dramatic green landscapes of Ordu and Rize. See waterfalls and castles in Trabzon and Artvin. Wake up above the clouds in a high mountain village and indulge in a famous Black Sea breakfast. It's hard to summarize a trip so packed full of history, culture, and natural beauty! 

Day 1 Arrival in Tokat

Arrive in Tokat via the Sivas Airport and meet your driver who will take you to the hotel. After you settle in, you'll meet your tour guide and hear the details of the trip. 

Day 2 Tokat

Start your first day touring out with the Tokat Castle and other historical monuments in the city. Explore the Ballica Cave before heading to the city of Amasya.

Day 3 Amasya

Amasya is known as the city of Sehzadeler is famous for its King Tombs from the Pontus period. See these tombs as well as the Yesilirmak River and historic mansions. From Amasya, get your first glimpse of the Black Sea in the seaside town of Samsun.

Day 4 Samsun

In Samsun, see the Bandirma Ferry and the Ataturk Museum. This is where Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the founder of the Republic of Turkey, started the liberation war. From Samsun, head east along the coastline to the picturesque city of Ordu. 

Day 5 Ordu

The charming small town of Ordu stands out with its natural beauty. See Yason Church and take a cable car ride, soaking in the gorgeous scenery surrounding you! Visit Ulugol Nature Park before heading to Giresun for the night.

Day 6 Giresun

The province of Giresun is famous for its highlands. While in Giresun, visit Giresun Island, the Kuzalan Waterfall, and Giresun Museum (a historical church). As you explore, you will see many beautiful natural lakes and plateaus around Giresun. Head east to Trabzon. 

Day 7 Trabzon
Trabzon is a wonderful city with ancient roads and a port that connects the Black Sea to the whole world. See the iconic Sumela Monastery, situated above the clouds on a cliff. This 1600-year-old Orthodox Christian Monastery sits 1200 meters up in the air among the Pontic Mountains. It is truly an incredible sight. The interior boasts frescoes from the 18th Century and was used until 1923 when it became a museum. From there, head to Uzungol (Long Lake) Nature Park and enjoy a gorgeous sunset.

Day 8 Trabzon
Explore the city center of Trabzon. See the Trabzon Hagia Sophia Church and the Trabzon Castle. Your guide will explain the fascinating history of the area as you visit the Old City.

Day 9 Rize
This morning, visit "The Hazelnut Oven" where you will weave baskets, pick hazelnuts and make chocolates. Learn about the local culture by trying out traditional dances and clothing. Drive east along the sea to Rize. Rize is the only place in the world where tea naturally grows under snow! See the Zil Castle, Palovit waterfall, and Kackar Mountain National Park. 

Day 10 Rize
See tea fields (what makes this gorgeous area of Turkey world famous) and learn about the process of producing tea. Visit the mountain plateau town of Ayder. Venture further east toward the Georgian border to the province of Artvin.

Day 11 Artvin

Artvin is full of endless breathtaking landscapes and green forests. Visit Savsat Lake, Borcka Karagol National Park, and Hell's Creek Canyon. See many churches and monasteries in this valley before staying overnight in Artvin.

Day 12 Head Home

Rest, reflect and get ready for your journey home. Say goodbye to your tour guide who is sure to have become a friend. Your driver will escort you to the airport. We will work with you to choose the best airport for your departure. 

*Optional add-on of 1 day in Erzurum or an additional day in Trabzon. Any of our tours can be customized, lengthened or shortened to fit your schedule and travel desires. 

Black Sea Tour Map

Tour Information

Inclusions: Hotel, Entrance Fees, Meals, Transfers, English Speaking Tour Guide

Fitness Level: All
Prices From: $2550
Tour Length: 12 Days, 11 Nights
Start Location: Tokat, Turkey
End Location: Trabzon, Turkey

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