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2 day



Arrival in Erzincan
Transfer to Kemaliye
City Center
Sirzi Church
Cultural Center

Kirkgoz Breafast at the Overlook
Dark Canyon Jeep Tour
Euphrates Boat Ride
Zip Line


kemaliye 2 day tour

The small village of Kemliye (historically called Egin) is located in the Munzur Mountains in the province of Erzincan. This village is not to be missed! The views of the Euphrates River rushing through the famous Dark Canyon are unforgettable. Come discover it for yourself!

Day 1 Arrival in Erzincan

Arrive via the Erzincan Airport and meet your driver who will take you to your hotel in the village of Kemaliye. After you settle in, you'll meet your guide and tour the historical town center and stop for a snack at the Lokhane, a local dessert house. Visit the Sirzi Church and the local Cultural Center where you can enjoy some delicious Turkish Coffee. Shop for some lovely handmade souvenirs made by local artisans. Finish your night with a delicious dinner.

Day 2 Euphrates Boat Ride & Dark Canyon Tour

Start your morning out by heading up the mountain to Kirkgoz for breakfast with a beautiful view of the entire area. Then, explore the Tasyolu by taking a jeep tour of this winding mountainside road. Tour the Dark Canyon, the second largest canyon in the world, via a boat ride along the Euphrates River (seasonal based on the water level). You will also have the option to add on a zip line across the canyon or mountain trekking.


Tour Information

Inclusions: Hotel, Entrance Fees, Meals, Transfers, English Speaking Tour Guide

Fitness Level: All
Prices From: $199
Tour Length: 2 Days, 1 Nights
Start Location: Erzincan, Turkey
End Location: Erzincan, Turkey

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"SilkRoad Moments is making dreams come true in Turkey. Thank you, SRM, for making this trip a dream.

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