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Visit Land of Legends


The theme park opened in July 2016. Land of Legends is a mix of a theme park and a water park. Each day, you can see a dolphin show featuring very talented dolphins, trainers, and dancer. Each night, weather permitting, there is a show in their high end public mall area. The park has a children's area themed of Masha and the Bear with a free play barn, children's roller coaster, a circus show, and more. The swimming and pools are great for both toddlers and thrill seekers alike.

The Hypercoaster has the third tallest inverted loop in the world at 171 feet (as of spring 2022).

If you want to stay on the grounds, there is a Land of Legends hotel with many restaurants and coffee shops right outside the door.

What Can I See When Visiting Land of Legends?

If you do everything in one day, you can spend the day riding coasters, rides, water slides, splash pads, children's shows, a dolphin show, and a nightly show in the Land of Legends mall area.

Time of year tip: Most of the year is great to visit Antalya and Belek, but because of the emphasis on water in the park, we suggest going when the temperatures are warmer.

How Long Does it Take to Walk Around Land of Legends?

This depends on the activities you desire to experience, however, you can easily spend an entire day or more.

What Can I Do with Kids at Land of Legends?

There are plenty of water attractions, water slides, splash pads, shows, and more to do with children. Below is a height chart (metric) for the different rides. The ride operators closely follow the chart, so your child will not be allowed to ride a 120cm ride if they are 119cm.

Is Land of Legends Good for Kids and Toddlers?

The park is excellent for families! Strollers and wagons would work for the park. The bathrooms have child changing areas, and some even have lowered sinks so that children can wash their hands.

You can rent strollers and wagons in the park.

In the children's area, you can catch sitings of Masha and the Bear (schedule listed below).

Pro tip: We visited on a day and chose not to do any water rides. Unfortunately, our daughter is currently 125 cm. For water rides, this means she can ride nearly everything. For roller coasters, however, there is a 10 cm gap between the "kiddie rides" and the "big kid" coasters. A few of those that she could have rode were closed that day due to unforeseen circumstances. This park is excellent if you choose to do both water and rides but difficult for a kid that just barely misses the thrilling 130 cm cutoff.

What are the Age Restrictions?

None, all are welcome to enjoy, but refer to height restrictions on each ride.

Pregnant women cannot ride the majority of the rides for the safety of the mom and baby.

Where is Land of Legends?

Land of Legends is located in in southwestern Turkey in the Belek region of Antalya.

How do I get to Land of Legends?

The Antalya Airport is the major airport in Antalya. The park is about a 30 minutes drive from the Antalya Airport to Land of Legends.

If you choose to travel with SilkRoad Moments Tourism, we will arrange this transportation for you.

How Much Are Tickets?

An adult tourist ticket is $40 per day. A child ticket (4-11) is $32 per day.

You can also add an optional cake to your ticket if you are celebrating a special occasion!

Pro tip: If you have a Turkish resident visa, you can purchase tickets and a Legendary Pass (season passes) for a discount.

Where Can I Get Tickets?

You can purchase tickets directly from the Land of Legends website.

If you choose to travel with SilkRoad Moments Tourism, we will arrange these entry fees for you.

Details and Map

Kadriye Mahallesi. Atatürk Cad. No:104/1-2 No, D:515, 07525 Serik/Antalya


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