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Mount Ararat, Turkey's Largest Mountain

dogubeyazitTHREe Day


Ishak Pasa Palace
Dogubeyazit Museum
Noah's Ark Site
Armenian Villages
Turkey-Iranian Border

Mt. Ararat Trek 3200 M
Fish Lake
Hot Springs & Geyser
Nomadic Tents

dogubeyazit 3 day Tour

Day 1 See the City of Dogubeyazit

Visit the Ishak Pasa Palace with your English-speaking guide. This Ottoman Period palace was built in the 17th Century and is one of only a few remaining examples of its kind. From there, see the castle and the Dogubeyazit Museum. Next, your guide will take you to where local historians believe Noah's Ark came to rest on Mount Ararat! After that, see some nearby old Armenian villages and look into Iran from the Turkey-Iranian border.

Day 2 Mount Ararat

Set out on a trek to the first base camp of Mount Ararat at around 3200 Meters elevation. Return to the city center. This beautiful and historically important mountain actually has two peaks and is on the border with Turkey, Armenia, and Iran. 

Day 3 Dogubeyazit Surroundings

See Fish Lake. From there, visit and enjoy the hot springs and geyser. This area surrounding Dogubeyazit is home to nomadic people. See their way of life and nomadic tents. 

This tour is an easy add-on to any vacation in Turkey! We will pick you up from your hotel - no worries, no stress, and all-inclusive with a knowledgeable guide that speaks your language. Don't visit the area without experiencing the local sights and sounds of historic Dogubeyazit.


Tour Information

Inclusions: Hotels, Entrance Fees, Meals, Transfers, English Speaking Tour Guide

Fitness Level: All
Prices From: $277
Tour Length: 3 Days, 2 Nights
Start Location: Dogubeyazit
End Location: Dogubeyazit

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