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Gobekli Tepe | Potbelly Hill | SilkRoad Moments

sanliurfa two day


Haran City
Camel Ride

Jacob's Well
Sanliurfa Archeology Museum
Pool of Abraham (Fish Lake)

Sanliurfa Mosaic Museum
Gobekli Tepe (UNESCO World Heritage Site) 


Sanliurfa two day Tour

Day 1 See the City of Sanliurfa

Buckle up and drink your coffee (or Turkish tea!), because Sanliurfa is full of ancient historical sights you do not want to miss! See the Biblical city of Haran (500-year-old mud houses) where you'll have a chance to ride camels and visit Jacob's well! After a delicious local lunch, visit the Sanliurfa Archeology Museum. This is a new museum full of ancient artifacts collected from around the province. The museum will take you on a walk from the beginning of civilization through different periods of time ending with the Ottoman Empire-- there are even tablets housed here with writing that is what experts believe was the world's earliest writing system! Experience a picturesque sunset at the famous Pool of Abraham (Fish Lake). This pool is believed by Muslims to be where Nimrod threw Abraham into the fire. Abraham is an important patriarch in Islam, Judaism, and Christianity. Sanliurfa is where Abraham lived before his migration to Canaan. 

Day 2 Sanliurfa - Gobekli Tepe

After breakfast at your hotel, see the Sanliurfa Mosaic Museum. These mosaics, some dating back as old as the 1st-Century, were uncovered on accident while the local municipality was preparing to create a parking lot! The mosaics were restored and kept in their original locations and the museum was built around them. Walk the glass pathways and look down over beautiful 2000-year-old mosaic pictures laying just as they always have. After lunch, head to "Potbelly Hill" or in Turkish, Gobekli Tepe. This is believed to be the world's oldest temple. Experts date these incredible ruins to 10,000 BC, predating Stonehenge by a whopping 6,000 years! Stop by the visitors' center, then head back to the city center for dinner. 

This tour is an easy add-on to any vacation in Turkey! We will pick you up from your hotel - no worries, no stress, and all-inclusive with a knowledgeable guide that speaks your language. Don't visit the area without experiencing the local sights and sounds of historic Sanliurfa.

Sanliurfa Map

Tour Information

Inclusions: Hotel, Entrance Fees, Meals, Transfers

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Fitness Level: All
Prices From: $203
Tour Length: 2 Days, 1 Night
Start Location: Sanliurfa, Turkey
End Location: Sanliurfa, Turkey

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