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Mount Ararat In Turkey

Mount Ararat Trekking
Seven Day Tour


Arrival in Van
Muradiye Waterfall

Transfer to Dogubeyazit

Basecamp 1


High Altitude Acclimatization


Base Camp 2


Summit Climb



Turkish Bath

Ishak Pasa Palace


Head Home


climb Mount ararat

Think you have what it takes to scale one of the largest mountains in the world? Try your skill with an all-inclusive, private, guided tour of the historic Mount Ararat, the largest mountain in Turkey, and the supposed landing place of Noah's Ark. This beautiful and historically important mountain actually has two peaks and is on the border with Turkey, Armenia, and Iran. Climb the largest of the two, ascending from 2000 meters (6562 feet) to the summit of 5137 meters (16,854 feet) over 5 days.

Day 1 Arrival in Dogubeyazit

Fly into the eastern Turkish city of Van where your chauffeur will greet you at the airport. Next, head to your hotel in Dogubeyazit and meet your mountain guide. On the way to Dogubayazit, stop by Muradiye to visit a beautiful waterfall and drink a cup of Turkish tea. At night, meet with your mountain guide as a group to check all equipment and answer any questions you may have about our trek.

Day 2 Trek to Basecamp 1

After an early breakfast, head to the highest point possible via vehicle at 2000 meters/6562 feet. From that point, hand off your luggage to be loaded onto the horses by our porters, and begin a 4-5 hour hike that ascends 1100 meters, reaching Base Camp 1. The total distance is about 8-10 kilometers. Lunch will be eaten on the way to the base camp (juice, chocolates, cakes, fruits, sandwiches, water). Base Camp 1 is a green pasture with stone walls to shield tents from the wind. Have dinner (hot meal and drinks) at the camp and get some rest overnight in a tent.

Day 3 High Altitude Acclimatization Day

At this altitude, it is essential to allow time for your body to acclimate. Today, trek to 4200 meters (lunch along the way) and descend back to Base Camp 1 for dinner.

Day 4 Base Camp 2
Hike approximately 10 kilometers (six hours) to 4200 meters/13,780 feet. At Base Camp 2, circular clearings among the rocks provide our tent sites with a natural windshield. Melted glacier water runs freely near the campsite. Finish off the day with dinner at the camp and rest overnight at Base Camp 2.

Day 5 Summit Climb

Wake up and have an early breakfast at about 1 a.m. After breakfast, trek with the group to the summit of Ararat (elevation 5137 meters/16,854 feet) at the top of Anatolia and all of Turkey. Total trekking to the summit will take between 6 and 7 hours. Crampons and an ice ax may be needed for the final hour of ascent and are provided and carried to this point by our horses. After taking photos and videos of the summit, descend to the high camp at 4200 meters and have something to eat and rest. Return to Base Camp 2 by 11:00 am, pack, and descend to Base Camp 1 at 3300 meters. Our horses transfer your luggage to Camp 1, so you do not have to worry about carrying it. Have a light dinner and overnight at Base Camp 1.

Day 6 Descent

Descend 4 hours from Base Camp 1 to Cevirme Village where our vehicle awaits. Return to your hotel in Dogubeyazit and have a well-deserved and hard-earned visit to a Turkish bath to loosen up your tired muscles. In the afternoon, tour a magnificent Ottoman Palace near the city. Ishak Pasha Palace has a great view of Dogubayazit and is an unforgettable stop.​ Finally, have dinner and take the opportunity to reflect on all of your achievements. 

Day 7 Head Home

After breakfast at your hotel, return to the airport with your chauffeur and say goodbye to Dogubeyazit and Mount Ararat. 

Additional Information:
Mount Ararat is 5137 meters tall. You will need a permit to climb the mountain, which your guides will obtain on your behalf. Permits take a couple of months to process. In the past, this was considered necessary because of the political sensitivity of the region. Such sensitivities no longer exist, but the authorities have decided to retain the permit system to ensure trekkers' safety on the mountain. The climate on Ararat can be both spectacular and changing, which clearly has safety implications. Our trustworthy guides have the advantage of having spent their lives on and around the mountain. They are also fully qualified and equipped to lead expeditions on the mountain, as the regulations stipulate.

This is an arduous trip and is not for everybody. Pre-climb training is recommended, and if you are starting from a reasonably good fitness base, we can advise you on a fitness program that would cover the period required for your permit to be approved. You can not simply throw yourself at Ararat. Ararat's Turkish name is ‘Mountain of Pain’ for a very good reason! You need to be able to walk 10-15 miles comfortably before you take this challenge on.

We allow an acclimatization process as altitude sickness can be a problem with some climbers. “High altitude” is defined as an altitude above 3000m (or approximately 10000ft). There are no specific factors such as age or gender, or even physical condition. Some people experience it, and some people don’t. Most people can go up to about this level without effect, but caution is important, as is a steady, manageable pace. This is something our guides are very familiar with, and we are happy to advise you or direct you to good sources of information. Your luggage and all camping gear are packed on horses and mules for the trek; all you need to carry will be what you require for your immediate personal needs. We recommend a decent capacity hydration unit as dehydration can contribute to general fatigue and the onset of altitude sickness.

We are happy to arrange treks on foot or horseback for those who wish to experience the region's awesome, beautiful scenery without the trek to Ararat's summit. There are lesser hills and peaks to see, nomadic people to meet and visit. Please give one month's advance notice for trekking reservations so that we can obtain trekking permits and make hotel reservations.

Ararat Map

Tour Information

Inclusions: Hotel, Entrance Fees, Meals, Transfers, Donkeys/Horses, English Speaking Tour Guide, Tent, Mattresses, Crampons

Fitness Level: Moderate-Fit
Prices From: 1-10 People: $960/person

11+ People: $890/person
Tour Length: 7 Days, 6 Nights
Start Location: Van, Turkey

End Location: Van, Turkey

Tour Available June-November

*Personal Gear Not Included

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