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What People Have Said About Silkroad Moments

Silkroad Moments created a delightful and easy to follow tour for us. The sights of Ani were mind blowingly spectacular. Being able to walk the streets of one of the world's greatest cities was a privilege. Silk road moments provided an excellent opportunity to step into history and behold the beauty of century old churches, streets, and houses. My experience with Silkroad Moments was memorable and positive. I will carry these memories and experiences with me.

For this trip, we were all first time visitors, but everything was set up for us.

Silkroad moments arranged for us to stay in a delightful local hotel that allowed us to experience the beauty of the local culture. In addition to this, the Ani ruins were spectacular to behold. I will not soon forget the beauty of these awe inspiring ruins.

Silkroad Moments gave me a unique once in a life experience. I was able to step into both local culture and ancient history. They took great care in providing an excellent experience. Everything was arranged so I was able to sit back and enjoy the beautiful landscapes and history.

Silkroad Moments takes great care in serving their customers. I would feel confident traveling with them again because they have proved to be trustworthy. They are great to work with. I would recommend Silk Road Moments to anyone hoping to travel to Eastern Turkey's must see sights.

I have never traveled in Turkey before, but Silkroad moments took any nervousness or stress out of the equation!

Silkroad Moments gave me a great experience. They have personally checked all of these locations out so I know I can trust the quality of accommodations and tours.

Silkroad Moments gave us the freedom to experience Ani at our own pace and the comfort of traveling without stressing about accommodations and details.

Silkroad Moments intentionally served us well. This was a great experience!

-Bethany, summer 2021

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