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What People are saying about SilkRoad Moments Tourism

Audrey traveled with SilkRoad Moments through Turkey in the summer of 2021 and returned in the winter of 2022. Here's what she had to say about her experiences.

Choosing to partner with people who know the language, culture, and history of this area relieved a lot of stress and planning. All I had to do was let SilkRoad Moments know what I wanted from this adventure and they definitely provided. All of my questions were answered and because I went through this business I know I had the best time I could have had while visiting Van.

The staff at SilkRoad Moments were pleasant to interact with and very helpful. They were genuinely interested in showing me a true experience of all that Van had to offer.

My tour guide, Adem, was amazing! He was fluent in English and very easy to understand. He was personable and very knowledgeable about the city. On my next tour, I'd love to have the same tour guide.

I enjoyed SilkRoad Moments caring about my questions or experience but taking care of all the details. It made planning enjoyable.

I would say that this is a trustworthy community of people who really care about your wants and needs for travel. People should highly consider this company when next planning to explore Turkey. The staff knows from experience what it is to travel and see the world, especially when it comes to Eastern Turkey.

It was difficult finding a company that understood both Turkish and American culture. I felt secure knowing the people in charge of creating my experience knew both English and Turkish.

The service from this company was genuinely helpful and easy to communicate with. Other companies were less personal and at times unclear to work with.

SilkRoad Moments' communication and thorough knowledge of Van and Turkish culture made me feel easy travelling to such a new part of the world for me.



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