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What People are saying about SilkRoad Moments Tourism

Elise traveled with SilkRoad Moments through Turkey in the summer of 2021. Here's what she had to say about her experiences.

Coming from the U.S. I did not know very much about Turkey at all so I wanted to go with people who knew the culture, language, and the best places to go. The Silk Roads Moments Team offer a large variety of trips and they have a lot of experience with different parts of Turkey.

My experience was a 10/10! I loved the beautiful views and fun, unique experiences. The Silk Road Moments Team did a great job of answering questions and helping us enjoy our time to the fullest.

I really enjoyed traveling with a knowledgeable tour guide. It allowed me to relax and enjoy the experience without worrying about how to bridge the gap of language and culture because we had great guides who helped us with everything along the way!

I most enjoyed meeting and connecting with the local people with the help of our guides.

They’re a great company to work with! They’re very personable and helpful, they love the area and are very excited to show you the beauty of Turkey!

They make it very easy to travel around Turkey and help you enjoy your trip without being overwhelmed by a new place.

Traveling with Silk Road Moments was a wonderful experience and I highly recommend it to people who are looking for a unique and adventurous vacation!



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