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What People are saying about SilkRoad Moments Tourism

Bradley traveled with SilkRoad Moments through Turkey in the summer of 2021. Here's what he had to say about his experiences.

I did not know the language and wanted to go to the best areas but did not know where to go.

SilkRoad Moments delivered an amazing experience. Our tour guide knew great English and he was a lot of fun. He was very educated on the area and had lots of helpful information. He added a lot to the experience. There was such a diversity of beautiful places that we were able to enjoy! Every time I thought that was everything we made another incredible stop. We saw so much more than anything I would have imagined including waterfalls, lakes, ancient buildings, and rock formations. Every stop was fantastic and it was very impressive how many there were! I had an amazing time and I would highly recommend to anyone! I would definitely do it again!

He was very personable and intelligent! He knew a lot about the destinations and was very fun!

I really enjoyed the diversity and amount of places we visited. We saw so much and they it was all high quality adventure!

I would recommend SilkRoad Moments to new travelers and experience adventurers. We got to go to plenty of incredible places that were easy to get to and experience but still an adventure of a lifetime!

I was scared I would waste the little time I had on places that weren't the best, but SilkRoad Moments made sure I was able to go to the best spots and get a ton of places in a short amount of time!

They offer flexibility and a variety of tours as well as incredible English speakers.

They were very accommodating while they helped you have an amazing adventure.

The incredible variety of things to see in each tour and how every tour was just as impressive as the one before! You always thought you have seen it all there cant be more, but they never failed to surprise you!


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