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Visit Gobekli Tepe in Sanliurfa

Updated: Dec 1, 2021


Gobekli Tepe site makes Stonehenge look shiny, new, and fancy. Gobekli Tepe is from 9500 to 8000 BC while Stonehenge is only from 3000 BC.

Experts are not quite sure from what this site originated, but many believe that Gobekli Tepe was a series of religious temples. It is thought that Gobekli Tepe is the first place of worship in the world. It represents one of the first locations where people started to gather and switch from hunter-gatherers to people that had permanent locations for things. Once people started to gather and the site grew, it is supposed that the location moved to a more easily accessible location near water.

Gobekli Tepe means potbelly hill. From a distance, the hill looks like a potbelly.

What Can I See When Visiting the Gobekli Tepe?

Views! You can see views on views on views. It is gorgeous in this region in Sanliurfa.

The archeological dig has a new museum with a lot of information about the dig. You can walk up a little breezeway to board a minibus and ride a short way to the dig. Once at the site, you can walk along a walkway around the dig to get a great view of the sight.

How Long Does it Take to Walk Around Gobekli Tepe?

Once you arrive, it should only take you about an hour to walk around the site.

What Can I Do with Kids at the Gobekli Tepe?

Kids will enjoy seeing the dig. The museum also offers some attractions for children.

Is it Good for Kids and Toddlers?

You should be able to use a stroller on all of the walkways around Gobekli Tepe.

What are the Age Restrictions?

No age restrictions.

Where is Gobekli Tepe?

Gobekli Tepe is in Sanliurfa.

How do I get to Gobekli Tepe?

You will need a transfer to Gobekli Tepe. It is not in the middle of a city.

How Much Are Tickets?

Tickets are 30 Turkish Lira.

Where Can I Get Tickets?

You can get tickets included in your trip with SilkRoad Moments or at the door of the museum.

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