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Turkey's Hidden Fairy Chimneys

The Narman Fairy Chimneys in Erzurum is one of Turkey's hidden treasures. They look very similar to the Fairy Chimneys in Cappadocia but different. In Narman, the chimneys resulted from years of water and wind erosion brought to a sedimentary basin from rivers. The fairy chimneys are three-million-years old. It is possible that you could even find fossils under the formations.

The Turkish name for fairy chimneys is Peri Bacaları.

What to do

The area offers walking paths, bike paths, horse riding, all-terrain vehicle trails, and more. However you prefer, there are a lot of ways to see the Narman Fairy Chimneys, the Narman Peri Bacaları.

This location is amazing with drone footage. If you bring a drone on your trip, this is one place where you do not want to forget it. Seeing the Narman Fairy Chimneys from the sky makes the fairy chimneys so much more amazing!

You can easily add this location on to other trips and excursions. To see more of our tours, click here.

When to visit

The area receives a lot of snow, so the best time to visit is in the spring, summer, or early fall.

Where to stay

Our tourism company suggests staying in Erzurum when visiting the Narman Fairy Chimneys, the Narman Peri Bacaları.

How to get there

If traveling with our tourism company, we will arrange a driver with a guide for you. The ride is about 90 km from Erzurum with newly constructed roads.

You will first travel through the flat farmlands, where you will see many fields of potatoes and other fruits and vegetables. Right off the road you can pull off into an almost Martian landscape very similar to Bryce Canyon Utah. Huge red chimneys grow out of the dirt and form plateaus. The color is a much deeper iron red than those found in utah. You can easily climb up on one of the hills and get an incredible perspective over the valley and across to the other chimney walls and plateaus throughout the valley.

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