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Packing Tips for Carry-Ons and Checked Bags to Turkey

Guest blogger and summer intern Nichole shares her useful packing tips as she trekked across Turkey.

What you should put on your carry on or in your suitcase for traveling to Turkey.

Carry on Packing Tips for Turkey

  1. Phone & Charger: You will want to capture photos and videos of all the beautiful scenery and people you will meet! *It is also helpful to buy a SIM card in Turkey so that you can text/call while you are here!* We downloaded Whatsapp to be able to call and text our friends and family back home to keep them updated on your adventures.

  2. Passport: When traveling internationally this is a must have! It is your real ticket in and through the country while traveling. Keep this with you at all times and even make a copy to put in your checked bag.

  3. Change of clothes: The flight(s) to Turkey can be long, so I would recommend bringing some extra clothes to help you freshen up while traveling. If you have an overnight flight or a 2 day itinerary you will be thankful to put on a fresh shirt and socks, trust me! Also for international flights, luggage can get lost in transition and it could take them a few days to get your stuff to you.

  4. Snacks: Did you know that you can bring non-liquid food through security and on to the plane?! It’s so much easier to prepare your own snacks and not have to stress about eating expensive airport food. Not only does this option save you money but it is much healthier! Some of my favorite snacks to pack for plane rides are KIND granola bars, fresh fruit like apples, popcorn, carrots, and even homemade cookies!

  5. Journal or Book: Most international flights have movies or t.v. shows on board but if you’re like me you can only stare at a screen for so long without needing to give your eyes a break. I always bring a journal to help stimulate my mind and express my thoughts, expectations, and experiences during travel and while on vacation! I also love to bring a good book, usually one I have been meaning to get to but have been too busy to read until I have a long stretch of downtime on the plane.

  6. Laptop: You can get some work done or even blog about your travels! It is helpful to have your laptop accessible during wait times in the airport and between layovers.

Example of what modest Turkish women wear

Checked Bag Packing Tips For Turkey

  1. Travel Adaptor: In Turkey we used the plug type C, which has two round pins. You could also use a Plug type F plug, which has two round pins with two earth clips on the side. Turkey operates on a 220V supply voltage and 50Hz. If you forget to pack this before traveling to Turkey, no need to worry, you can find them at many stores in Erzurum!

  2. Clothing: For women- in the Turkish culture it is respectful to dress modestly. This means wearing shirts that cover your shoulders and pants or skirts that go past your knees. It is also respectful to cover your chest. You do not have to cover your head unless you are visiting or touring a mosque. The Turks are very fashion forward and usually wear business-casual clothing! For men, polos or button up shirts with pants is normal here. There are plenty of stores to buy cute clothes from if you want to do some shopping here too!

  3. There are four seasons in Erzurum, so what you wear depends on the time of year when you come. It is still fairly cool at night even in the summer so I would bring a light jacket or cardigan.

  4. Comfortable Walking Shoes: This was my most important investment before coming to Turkey and it was so worth it! My husband and I both bought new Asics tenni-shoes before coming and my feet have been doing great! We do so much walking that I can’t imagine not having a good pair of shoes. In Erzurum, Turkey it is very unlikely that you will see anyone wearing sandals or uncovered toe shoes.

  5. Medications:

    1. Dramamine: I brought dramamine and that has come in handy many times! While on tours, on the plane, or zip lining over the Euphrates River, it helps settle motion sickness or an uneasy tummy. It isn’t easy to find anything very similar to it in Turkey so bringing your own is a good idea!

    2. Advil: It is always a good idea to have some pain killer on hand incase of a headache or injury.

    3. Vitamins: I bring vitamins to help keep my immune system healthy and my body in good shape while traveling, it also helps my body to recover from jet lag.Traveling can make me feel run down. I would recommend magnesium which is good for healthy digestion and L-Lysine which is good for your immune system.

    4. Any prescription medications you have or need.

  6. Toiletries:

    1. Sunscreen: You will love being outside in Erzurum! Along with many of the tours being outside, we also spent a lot of time at parks here because they are so beautiful and well maintained! We got a lot of sun so I would encourage you to bring a hat or some sunscreen. Erzurum is also very high in elevation so you can burn much quicker here! If you have a special brand you prefer, then pack it, otherwise you can find Turkish brands in the local pharmacies.

    2. Lotion & Chapstick: It can get pretty dry in Erzurum, your skin will thank you for bringing some lotion to stay hydrated and supple! Your lips can also get dry, so be sure to drink plenty of water and bring your favorite chapstick!

    3. House shoes/slippers: In Turkish culture you remove your shoes before entering someone's home. If you’re like me, I don’t like to be barefoot so I would recommend bringing new slippers or slide on in door shoes to wear around inside of your room or as a guest in someone's home.

*An extra tip: I always leave room in my suitcase to bring back souvenirs from wherever I am visiting. There are so many cultural experiences and memories that you can bring back pieces of!

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