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Mount Ararat in Eastern Turkey

Mount Ararat (Agri Dagi) is a volcanic summit in Eastern Turkey that overlooks the point where Turkish, Iranian and Armenian lands unite.

The mountain contains two volcanic cones: The Greater Ararat and the Little Ararat. Mount Ararat’s highest peak is 16,854 feet tall and its mountains range for 25 miles. When you take a tour through Mount Ararat with Silkroad Moments, you’ll have the opportunity to visit the summit and see the breathtaking view for yourself.

Mount Ararat-Noah’s Ark

Mount Ararat is associated with Noah’s Ark because the mountain is said to be where the Ark came to rest at the end of the Flood. Ararat appears in the Bible and is the Hebrew equivalent of Urardhu, the Assyro-Babylonian name of a kingdom that was established between the Aras and Upper Tigris rivers during the 9th-7th century BCE.

The Armenians worshiped Ararat and believed they were the first race of humans to appear in the world. A Persian legend refers to the Ararat as the origin of the human race. There was a former village on the slopes of Ararat, above the Aras plain, where Noah was believed to build an altar and plant the first vineyard. Above the village, Armenians built a monastery to honor St. Jacob, who was believed to attempt to reach (and fail) the summit of Mount Ararat in search of Noah’s Ark.

In 1840, a volcanic eruption took place and destroyed the village, killing hundreds of people and annihilating the St. Jacob monastery and St. James chapel.

Mount Ararat Turkey

Mount Ararat holds two peaks, and their summits are 7 miles apart. The Great Ararat is Turkey’s highest point, measuring 16,945 feet above sea level, whereas the Little Ararat is 12,782 feet tall. Both peaks are products of eruptive volcanic activity and have full-figured cones, but neither have any evidence of a crater.

Mount Ararat is safe to visit and climb, as it is one of Turkey’s most beautiful sights to see. If you decide that you’d like to visit Mount Ararat, SilkRoad Moments has an enjoyable 7-day trekking tour that we offer. Each day is something different until we reach the top of the summit, and you guarantee that you won’t regret the journey with us. One of the more amazing tours that SilkRroad Moments offers our clients is the 7-day trekking journey of Mount Ararat.

To learn more about other tours that we offer, visit our website.

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