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How to Cross the Republic of Georgia Land Border

Please note: check your government and the Republic of Georgia websites for the latest in regulations and Covid-19 updates. The rules and regulations change daily. This was just our experience of two families taking a weekend in Georgia.

We struggled to find updated information for crossing the Georgian border from Turkey, so we decided to share our experience from the weekend.

We crossed into the Republic of Georgia from Turkey via land border in Hopa, Turkey on 28 October 2021 around 5:30 pm. Here is our experience of crossing the border with our two family personal vehicles.

We entered the Hopa land terminal in our personal cars. The documents we had included:

  • American Passports

  • Turkish Visas / Ikamets

  • Covid-19 vaccine cards (you must have both vaccine and a PCR test for Georgia)

  • Covid-19 PCR results translated into English for everyone over 10

  • Cash (in Turkish Lira) to buy car insurance once in Georgia

  • Car Registrations

  • Georgian Health Form: Fill it out here.

First we exited Turkey. There is an automobile lane (that the 18-wheelers try to push into). Just drive aggressively. Once at the drive through window, they checked the passports, took photographs of each person outside of the car, and stamped our passports.

Then we drove the car forward to the Georgia drive through windows. They checked some of the baggage, checked to ensure only the correct number of people were in the car, and took our paperwork. They checked our emails (on our phones) that we filled out the Georgian Health Form (click here to fill it out).

Other than checking the number of people and taking our pictures, we never had to get out of the cars or pull all of our luggage out of the cars. Because we waited in long lines, the total time was about an hour from start to finish.

Returning to Turkey, we pulled up to the Georgia exit in the early afternoon on a Sunday. We exited our cars and entered a small office. They checked our vaccine cards (for those over 10). We returned to our cars, moved forward and allowed the Georgian police officer to stamp our passports with an exit stamp. We then moved forward in the cars and handed over our passports and car registration. The return to Turkey took about a total of 20 minutes.

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