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6 Tips to Traveling in Turkey

What you need to know, tips, and more about traveling in Turkey

Traveling to a new destination is exciting, invigorating and maybe even a little frightening. Although no one should ever pass up on the opportunity to see more of the world. Especially in a country like Turkey where the cities and towns are rich with history, culture, pride and passion, and the views are colorful and breathtaking.

There are so many wonderful characteristics that Turkey holds, but there are also a few tips to consider before touring this beautiful Eastern European country.

Travel Tips for Turkey

Silkroad Moments is dedicated to making our visitors’ Turkish journey the best adventure yet. When you travel through one of our affordable tours, you’ll experience everything from historical ruins to mountain adventures, waterfalls, geological wonders, and immersive cultural moments.

Consider these important factors before booking a Turkish tour with Silkroad Moments:

1. You (Likely) Need a Visa to Enter

Many countries are required to obtain a visa before entering Turkey. Try not to leave this last minute, as visas could take a few weeks to secure. We suggest using the Turkish government's e-Visa website: click here.

Before getting a visa, you should make sure that your passport is valid six months from the date that you’re planning to enter the country, or the border patrol officials may be refuse you entrance.

2. Learn a Few Words

The Turkish culture is very warm and friendly. To show your respect as a tourist, you should learn a few common words and phrases such as, “Thank you”, “You’re welcome”, “Hello”, and so on. Check out our guide on the "Top Phrases to Know Before Visiting Eastern Turkey." You'll get to hear how a local says things so that you will sound more native.

3. Convert Currency to Turkish Lira

Turkish Lira are easiest to convert to Euros and U.S. Dollars. Turkey worked hard to update their infrastructure to welcome foreigners, and this includes converting cash and using ATMs. While in many countries you shouldn’t rely on your debit or credit card as your main source of cash in the event that you cannot find an ATM that accepts your card. But with Turkey, you do not need to worry! Inform your bank that you plan to travel to Turkey and you should be able to use your debit or credit card or withdraw money at ATMs.

4. Dress Appropriately

Most Turkish cities are quite cosmopolitan while towns and villages are more rural. Older customs and traditions surround the rural areas, and you should be aware of the proper attire etiquette. Both men and women should dress modestly throughout the rural areas to avoid any unwanted attention. Turks typically dress sharp and do not look lazy, like they just rolled out of bed, or sloppy.

Of course, take into consideration what you plan to do that day. Are you climbing the mountains or zip lining across the Euphrates in Kemaliye or are you exploring the sights in Mardin and Gaziantep? Whatever you are doing should of course dictate your wardrobe choices for the day.

Just keep in mind that for the most part, people dress conservatively and European.

5. Don’t Book Your Hotel Last Minute

Some websites, like, are actually blocked by the Turkish government, so it is best to book your stay before arriving in the country in the event that other travel sites aren't obtainable. We'd absolutely love to help you book your accommodations! Let us know if we can give you our favorite recommendations!

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