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6 Scenic Locations to Photograph in Eastern Turkey

Have you ever stood outside just moments before sunset and the world seemed to slow? The seconds delay and a moment of mystery grows within you. A captivating moment holds your attention as the colors in the sky transform from blues to purples to pinks. This one moment connects with your soul as you imagine the possibilities in your life.

You leave the moment encouraged to pursue those possibilities.

SilkRoad Moments Tourism aspires to help you create moments that impact the rest of your life, moments that impact your family's life. We understand the power and life-changing ability when you experience captivating moments, individually and as a family. We understand how those stress-free moments can bring clarity and focus to your life.

Erzurum boasts a gorgeous landscape full of mountain views and tree-scapes. Here is a compiled list of our favorite places to photograph when on adventure in Erzurum.

1. Photography Location in Erzurum: Palandöken Mountain Turnout

You can find this location in the touristy Palandöken area of Erzurum. If you are staying on the mountain at a ski resort, you will not have to go far to get a gorgeous view of the valley below with unbelievable sunsets.

Tour in Turkey, sunset in Erzurum at Palandöken

Ski mountain in Turkey

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On a clear day, you can see the entire valley. When you stand on the mountain and look toward Erzurum, it is hard not to take a picture.

Erzurum boasts some of the best skiing and ski facilities in all of Turkey. Palandöken is the place to go for the hotels, slopes, and skiing activities in Erzurum. These mountain peaks often have snow through July.

Travel Tip

If you plan to stay in Erzurum, staying in the Palandöken ski resort area will not disappoint.

2. Photography Location in Erzurum: Gazebo Park

If you want to cook out or barbecue for dinner and experience a scenic view in Erzurum, then head over to the Gazebo Park. There are several gazebos with tables and a few play structures for children. The city recently installed the playgrounds in the park (as of May 2020) so they are in great shape.

Vacation Tour in Eastern Turkey, sunset in Turkey, Sunset in Erzurum Turkey

restaurant in Erzurum Turkey

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Travel Tip

If you plan to picnic in a gazebo for dinner and to watch the gorgeous sunset over the mountain valley, then arrive to the location early. Turkish families love to picnic and cook out when the weather is nice and warm. These gazebos fill up early in the evening hours.

3. Ancient Armenian Church with a mountain view

This ancient Armenian church lays in ruins and speaks to an older era. There are plans to restore it. If you head inside, you can get a different perspective of the church.

A well with mountain water runs nearby the church, so you can also get fresh mountain water.

Armenian Church in Turkey

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Travel Tip