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15 Places to Visit In Turkey

Watch the video to get a walkthrough of several of the places included on this list!

1. Trabzon.

Visit the cliffside monastery at Sumela in the Altindere National Park. The monastery was constructed around 300 AD.

2. Erzurum

Find some of the best skiing in all of Turkey in Erzurum.

3. Kars & Ani

In Kars visit the ancient Armenian city of Ani on the Arpacay River.

4. Mount Ararat.

Climb the Biblical mountain of Ararat (see the tour here).

5. Church of the Holy Cross

Visit a 10th century church located on the island of Akdamar in Lake Van.

6. Van

View beautiful waterfalls, see lakes, and do so much in Van. Also visit the Van Kedi Villasi, a famous cat museum featuring rare cats with one blue and one yellow eye.

7. Great Volcano Crater of Nemrut

8. Seljuk monuments of Ahlat